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So their 2014 wedding invitation featured a 1981 photo taken after the pair won a highly competitive mixed-doubles camp tennis tournament. Janice says her father said, "Stop seeing that boy, or I'll cut off your tuition — and you damn well better listen to me." As Janice explains, "The Willsons were East Coast people with important careers.

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Frank, true to form, stayed single — and, through mutual friends, kept tabs on Gayle, "the best girlfriend I ever had." When he heard she had divorced in 2011, he invited her to lunch, he says, and "came loaded for bear, in a limo, with flowers." He traces his eagerness to a 2003 health trauma that landed him in a coma for three days: "Once you almost die, you realize what's really important.

I was a fool to have let Gayle go." They've been a couple ever since that lunch, though they maintain separate homes.

Maybe you've already reconnected with a college boyfriend on Facebook, or Googled that girl from high school on whom you had a maddening crush. But for some, reconnecting with a former flame can be a familiar and comfortable way to find lasting love.

And such matches are becoming increasingly common, thanks to the explosion of social media.

"People from our past often have a unique and appealing perspective on us — and we on them. But that all changed after she and Jeff talked until they closed down a New Jersey restaurant near their homes.

That can make for a very good match." Meet four couples whose liaisons picked up decades after they left off. Debby realized that in addition to their camp and college connections, she and Jeff shared "a special bond that comes from the same place." Literally, that's Queens.D., but he noticed that Diane — a former beauty queen — was just "as gorgeous and classy" as she'd been 50 years earlier, when they'd dated at the University of North Dakota.Thoughtful, too: When Marv's mother died a few months later, Diane sent her condolences.The couple manages to get together about three times a week."I can't give anybody advice," Frank says, "except to say that if life offers you a second chance, be willing to take it.When Janice walked into San Francisco's Cliff House for that last-ditch date, Prentiss says, "I told her, 'You're wearing the same color slacks you wore to Thanksgiving in 1961.' We took a walk overlooking the Pacific, and I asked if I could kiss her." Six months later, they became re-engaged. When their mothers, who'd never met, died within months of each other, the couple discovered that both moms had saved the original engagement announcement.