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The mountain slaying beast inside you should be totally psyched: three of Nevada’s top five peaks are ultra prominents. So peak bagging fanatic or not, hop outside your comfort zone and take a gamble where there are no casinos in sight. So tally ho, here is a rundown of everything you need to know about slaying Nevada’s five tallest peaks. GPS Coordinates: 36.276133, -115.697636 DISTANCE: 17.2 miles round trip ELEVATION GAIN: The trailhead begins around 4,600’, ultimately climbing to 11,916’.Bragging that you got to stand on the top of the highest peak in the most mountainous state in the continental U. Total elevation gain: 7,316 over the course of around eight miles.Plus, the trailhead is easy to spot and follow—at no point on the hike will you question which way to go. Seventeen miles makes for a long day of hiking, but it IS doable. Everything going on at Charleston is one spectacular daylong experience.

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There is also a South Loop Trail which is shorter in length but a much more difficult climb, elevation gain wise. TRAIL CONDITION: Of the top five peaks, Charleston has the best-defined trail that’s easiest overall to use.

The trail is so wide that it allows for several people to hike next to each other, versus single file line style. WHERE TO STAY: Honestly, what makes Charleston a strenuous hike is the distance. It’s cushy, right down the road and will allow you to hit the trailhead early in the morning without much commute time.

There’s a funky little shelter at the summit where you can unwind and take in the sights, and the summit register is pretty dang special too.

Charlie is in the core of the Spring Mountains and home to an unbelievable 27ish endemic species. That means that this is the only place in the world that a whole mess of plants and insects are found and have originated from.

Count on crossing about a half dozen creeks at the bottom, debris scattered throughout the trail, and an almost non-existent trail to the peak. If you’re searching for a side of some face-melting history to go along with a serious recreational feat, Jefferson is where it’s at.

The region Jefferson sits in is called the Alta Toquima Wilderness and was once pretty densely populated with ancient Shoshone.This is the most prominent mountain in Nevada, and just so happens to be right outside the internationally iconic Las Vegas Strip.It’s a totally perfect way to escape the scorching summer heat…temperatures are a solid 30 degrees cooler than the valley floors below.TIME ON TRAIL: A long day, 8 to 12 hours of trail time DIFFICULTY: Strenuous BEST SEASON: Fall ULTRA PROMINENT PEAK? Actually, Charleston is Nevada’s ultra prominent peak, with a hard to believe 8,258 feet of prominence. North Las Vegas TRAILHEAD ACCESS: There are a few ways to go about this, but the best [IMHO] is the North Loop Trail, adjacent to the Mary Jane Falls Access.BUT, to make it a little easier, access the Trail Canyon trail, which intersects the North Loop Trail and takes you to the top.But face it: there are more than 320 named mountain ranges and more than 172 summits in the Silver State, which makes little ol’ Nevada is the most mountainous state in the lower 48.