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You may think of shovels when you think of digging, but the most important piece of equipment in the archaeologist’s toolkit is actually the trowel.

A trowel is used to carefully remove thin layers of soil from test units.

These archaeologists hope to include the “voices’ and perspectives of all of the past peoples who lived and worked on this plantation into their research.They have created the Levi Jordan web site to share this information with the public and to allow the public to communicate with the archaeologists.This research uncovers the written records associated with the study area.If the area was inhabited during historical times (in the past several hundred years in North America) the archaeologist will look for primary historical documents associated with the study area.Some, like the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) are very specialized and high tech.

Others, like tape measurers, toothbrushes, brooms and dustpans, are household objects!

You can also view photographs of archaeologists using some of these tools on sites.

Archaeologists use a number of different methods to find sites—and sometimes they are found just by accident!

These reports will describe what was found in this area during any previous archaeological investigations and will help guide the new research.

Documentation files for all of the recorded prehistoric and historic sites in each state are maintained in the State Historic Preservation Office, along with archaeological research reports pertaining to sites in the state.

It will also outline where artifacts recovered from the project will be stored, and how the research will be reported and shared with the public.