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Joe Cheng has been linked to leading lady Ariel Lin whom she co starred in the famous series “It Started with A Kiss”.

Although he is widely known for his modeling projects, he also was part of the cast of the famous Taiwanese series – I started with a Kiss.

Cheng’s career in the entertainment filed took it’s first flight through Catwalk Modeling Agency.

All her ‘ex-boyfriends’ including Chen Bolin, Kai Ko, Daniel Chan, Hu Ge and Eli Shih attended her special event.

Only Joe Cheng was not able to attend due to work commitment.

Ariel said she likes Joe’s ability to lighten up the mood of any situation with his funny and childlike gestures.

Joe on the other hand said he admire Ariel’s professionalism and dedication to her acting craft.Known for her professionalism and friendly disposition, Ariel has a wide circle of friends within the entertainment industry.At her engagement ceremony, more than 50 guests were her celebrities friends.However, as he grew into an adult and got busy with his modeling, singing and acting projects, the initial idea was temporarily dismissed.We all know someday soon Joe will find the woman truly meant for her.He is amazed by how serious Ariel is when it comes to the scripts and the role assigned to her which definitely transcends in all her series and movies.