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A rental will be a lot quieter and more relaxing than a hostel. Squeezing a bunch of people into these apartments will be much cheaper per person than a room in a hostel or hotel. Dorm rooms and cramped hotels don’t give you a lot of “me” time. I avoided bad hosts in part because I use the same criteria for sites like Airbnb as I do for Couchsurfing. Here is what to keep in mind when looking for a host: These nine rules are helpful guidelines, but at the end of the day, you have to go with your gut. I once had a host who hit only a couple of these points and she turned out to be my favorite host!

You’ll also be able to cook your own food, helping keep costs down on your long trip. And sometimes, in places without many hosts, you might have to be a little loose with this list. All these companies try to verify both buyer and seller to ensure no one ends up robbing anyone else, but you sometimes hear reports of sex parties, robberies, or creepy hosts.

The booking process is like booking any other type of accommodation.

You search online, find a place you like, create an account, and request a booking.

There are freelance prostitutes hanging out in the areas that tourists frequent that will gladly come back to your room with you.

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This is a city that every guy on the planet dreams of visiting one day, and for very good reason.

But before we get into all of that we want to quickly talk about the logistics of your trip.

This is not some small sexpat town where you get a hotel on one street and have all the nightlife right around you.

But the more points a place meets, the safer I feel. I believe the government can’t tell you what do with your place – but I also don’t think these websites have done enough to ensure that you are renting from actual people and not property owners who are buying multiple dwellings and forcing the locals out. However, apartment rental companies do provide a window that allows you to get your money back if you get a place that’s not as advertised.

I’ve never had a bad experience as a guest following these rules. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to only use Airbnb if you are renting a room in someone’s house. Just call their 24-hour hotline and they will set you up somewhere else.

Apartment rental sites allow people to rent out an individual room, couch, or entire apartment.