Introductions for dating

Illustrator Fernando Landi’s character and speech bubble greets the visitor on the homepage. Seth Said is clean with a memorable image and his latest tweet. Have you seen any sites with really cool designer introductions?

Ok, so there’s no introductory text here, but there is a cute character and a nice hello on the Dan Joe Design homepage.

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A trend that’s become increasing popular is for designers to introduce themselves on the home page, with more information available on the About page.

Or if your entire website resides one page, then you really have to introduce yourself on that page.

Below for your design inspiration, you’ll find 10 examples of designers saying hello!

Mathia Leihu has a colouful big text intro at the top of his site, with a small portrait rollover in the sidebar.

We now operate around the world and are exceptionally successful at making lasting introductions because we are just like our clientele – the very best at what we do. We get to know all of our members personally, understanding their busy lives and complex requirements. By getting to know you as an individual, not just a ‘client’, we feel confident that we can help you find someone who is your ideal soul mate.

You have achieved success because you have made the right decisions.

The introductory text needs to be short and to the point, and useful for the reader.

It makes sense that the introduction is (nearly always) at the top of the page where it can catch the eye.

Claire Baxter’s site is clean and colourful with a short hello.

Joseph Gallagher’s portfolio has a nice header image, followed by an introduction from the designer.

Before introductions introductions dating agency agency, I asked for a partial refund and you can guess how that went..