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If you're looking for a haunted place to stay, while in New Orleans, this is where you need to look.

Learn more about New Orleans' Haunted Hotels No other American city can lay claim to the amount of ghosts and hauntings which make up New Orleans.

So, why do so many people consider the La Laurie House, in the French Quarter of New Orleans, to be so haunted?

It might have to do with an incident that happened all the way back in 1834.

New Orleans' Most Haunted Places New Orleans, America’s most haunted city.

When you’re visiting New Orleans, especially if you take the time to walk around the French Quarter at night, it is easy to see why many people make this claim.

Popular legends talks of a mass murder committed in this house against the brother of a Sultan from Turkey.

However, the real history about the ghosts and hauntings may surprise you.

People like General Beauregard and Paul Morphy have spent periods of their lives in this house.

The ghosts which haunt this house seem to be connected to the General himself, and have affected almost every person who has lived there.

As you walk among the streets, filled with grim tales of New Orleans past, you yourself will also start to believe that New Orleans is the most haunted city in America. Below we have listed a few of the haunted locations we visit on our New Orleans Ghost Tours.

Of course we haven’t divulged all of our haunted locations, and the stories are only partial; that's because the best way to discover the haunted past of New Orleans is by joining Ghost City Tours on one of our world famous ghost tours of New Orleans’ French Quarter.

On our ghost tours, we go into detail about the haunted Beauregard-Keyes House.