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Johnson is another wide receiver who leapt out of nowhere after being picked in the seventh round.

The Buffalo Bills standout is quite simply the sleeper of all sleeper picks.

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Once he established himself though, it became clear that he was a monster.

His performances earned him two NFL All-Pro selections, a result that defied his selection in the sixth round of the 2000 Draft.

Irrelevant,” the title handed down to the last pick of the draft each year.

By the time Driver retired, though, in 2012, he was far from that. A one-team man who had four Pro Bowl nomination spread across his career, Driver got his reward when he landed a Superbowl XLV ring a few years back.

These players are the true gems of the draft and in this list we salute them.

So, here are your 10 best players in recent memory who defied the expectations for late-round picks at the NFL Draft.

Today, you might know the Seattle Seahawks star as Richard “Don’t you ever talk about me!

” Sherman, the superstar cornerback who is, most importantly, one of the reigning Superbowl champions.

His selection in the 5th round by a team that was notorious for having a poor defense, the Colts, didn’t help matters either.

Since then, however, Mathis has gained four Pro Bowl selections.

Since joining the Bills, Johnson has grown a reputation as a big-play receiver, averaging nearly 13 yards per catch during his young career, which has earned him a hefty new contract with Buffalo.