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I have never really had a foot fetish, but the experience of her being in control of every little thing I did was strangely arousing.

Of course the purpose of the humbler is to keep a slave from being able to stand-up.Cheyenne has her slave crawl around the room trying to kiss her ass, causing the humbler to pull against his balls.Her name was Danielle, and she was a dark, toned lady.She came dressed in a tight red dress that made her ass look perfect and coupled with the high heels she sported, I was in heaven just thinking about being anywhere near her.I was incredibly passive toward the whole experience, and worried for the safety of my balls by the end of the evening. She smiled to herself and stood up, telling me to stay put while she went to grab something from her car.

“Cup your balls for me, use both hands – close your eyes.” – She spoke calmly, far too calmly for any normal femdom enthusiast. I had no time to process the options – a firm fist was sent flying toward my testicles and collided with such power that I instantly keeled over, feeling an intense desire to be sick as I tried to regain my breath and analyze the damage. I laid there for close to 20 minutes until I finally convinced myself that she had left, and was finishing with one final act of humiliation: keeping me on the cold floor with a limp cock and busted balls.

The game lasts a long time, ending only when the male passes out in agony.

The woman who makes that happen is considered the winner.

She kicked me again, all in all about 5 times, and I was really starting to feel like an abused submissive ball busted slave.

Because of how high my testicles had decided to hide, she took it upon herself to grab my nuts and yank as hard as she could in the opposite direction – they were being removed from their desired location, and her desire as my dominatrix was to see them in plain view so they could be subjected to even more punishment.

So one day, I took it upon myself to find someone that was willing to help me experience my very special submissive fetish. The internet is a wonderful tool, and in no time at all I had two potential candidates that were interested in helping me explore the realm of ballbusting.