Blackberry fatal error while updating

You expect a few bobbles here and oversights there, and if there's one thing that the beleaguered handset maker needs right now, it's a break. With its richly designed graphical interface, Black Berry 10 is a mobile OS for grown-ups.

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and the school issued the following statement at that time.“We have a police liaison presence at our building as we are working on an incident.All of our staff and students are safe,” the school said on social media.Overhauling and reinventing a mobile operating system is a tremendous undertaking, and one that deserves respect for the blood, sweat, and tears that go into designing and coding an entire platform from the ground up.In this case, it's based on QNX, a version of which also powered the Black Berry Play Book.Released in 2012, the Black Berry 10 operating system was Black Berry’s last attempt at creating a modern smartphone platform.

The main goal of the BB10 operating system was to offer all the major apps like Android and i OS and be a competitor to Apple and Google’s smartphone ecosystems.

There's no single, overarching failure I can point to, but rather, a growing list of missing features and aggravating issues that take their toll in the aggregate; not a single fatal blow, but a thousand paper cuts.

These represent the little details that can make or break an experience, and they're the kinds of things that RIM should have ironed out in all these years of development.

There are media features, to be sure, and games at the ready, but given a choice of all available handsets, few teens and tweens will thirst for Black Berry's button-up aesthetic.

Based entirely on taps and gestures, the OS takes a little time to get used to, and some front-end behaviors are odd, or inconvenient, or just plain don't make sense.

“While it is frustrating, we cannot share any other details at this time.