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we took a few selfies and hugs then departed...these are the moments I live for..

being able to create memorable experiences with everyone I've met in this crazy voyage called Life..

The London Eye is actually just right on the other side the bridge and you can see it as you're crossing the bridge.

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A great co-working spot if you need to get some work done!The ambiance, music, there's espresso bars and an actual bar as well!We then met up with Red's friend Peter who showed us around town.We visited Supreme, Palace, Foot Patrol, and lots of unique boutiques.As we are slowly making our way towards the world famous Sherlock Holmes' door, as we were walking on baker street looking for 221b Baker Street, somebody stopped me and asked if I work for Tiffany & Co.

I was tripped out at this point, and he told me that I helped them last December during the Christmas season and we had a conversation about my hair...

The entire day was just absolutely smooth, relaxing, and chill.. The following day, we met up with Dinesh and his buddy Kendall (@Henderson Kendall) at a breakfast joint before we take off to meet up with a gentleman name Niran (@Niranvinod) who is a gangster Creative Strategist for Instagram London.. The entire office space was just like I expected: Magical.

We had to get checked in, get our own name badges and take a fancy elevator alllll the way up!

" As the clock strikes 12, we ended up at the Ace Hotel, Red got me my first celebratory drink!

Cocktail and a glass of champagne on the house because it's my BIRRRRRDAYYYYYY!!! Woke up, feeling good to kick off my birthday and with no hesitation Red and I headed out First, most important part of the day: BREAKFAST!

This trip started off as a solo mission to spend my birthday just going everywhere, and then I somehow convinced Red (@Red Gaskell) to come with me since I found an amazing deal..