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They’re a great way to make interesting new Euro friends. RSVP now if you would like to attend and to let your Euro friends know you're going. Nearby parking garages include the Fifth & Mission Garage and Moscone Center Garage on 3rd St.You can cancel anytime up to 2pm on the day of the event. https:// aim of this group is to bring together internationally-minded people with a European affinity.

Don’t text, don’t check Instagram, don’t nervously pretend to text because you feel uncomfortable being social.

"Every time you go out, stop looking at your phone,” Frankel says.

All you have to do is make eye contact and say hello.

He’ll take it from there.” Sure, after a long week of work, Netflix and Seamless on a Friday night is hard to beat.

Picking Out Like-Minded People Maintaining Friendships Online Staying Safe Online Finding an Online Community Community Q&A Tired of talking to yourself?

Are you stuck at home, or feel shy about going out on your own to meet new people?

The internet is a great place to shake off your shyness, meet new people from around the world, and form friendships with people who share your interests and passions.

Meet and mingle with European expats and other internationally-minded people over drinks at the venue's "Jazz Sunday".

It’s a nice place to start and it’s important to be vulnerable." Michelle Frankel of NYCity Matchmaking agrees that Meetup events are the way to go.

“New York has so many hobby-focused groups that you can do,” she says.

(NOTE: If you don't come to the event and haven’t cancelled, you’ll be recorded as a No-Show.) Check in at the BAFOE welcome table to receive your Friends of Europe name badge: your passport to mingling! Through convivial cross-cultural social gatherings we are building a vibrant circle of cosmopolitan friends who meet, talk, exchange experiences, practice their language skills, or just relax and feel at home.