Dating a woman 7 years older

If only his age is keeping you from committing to him (I doubt this is the case, there has to be something else), splash some cold water on your face and wake up.

Stick with him, or let him go and find someone else who knows what she wants.

If you desire children, and I am assuming this guy does as well, you better make a choice soon. You are at the exact age as my late husband and I were when we met. After 6 months, the last guy i dated confessed he had an issue with being the same height as me. You would think they could figure this out on the first date. It just stays there in the back of your mind, but as you age you can see it in the mirror and on the milestone birthdays.

Just keep in mind that both of you will probably be at different phases in your life.That may or may not interfere with the relationship.If you're happy together (although you don't say how long that's been), I personally have never seen age as much of an 'obstacle'.I'm going out on a limb, but I have to think it is SHE, who has no clue what she wants right now. There are lots of women just like you who don't know what they want. This guy will only put up with you dumping him a limited number of times before he decides he's had enough. We seem to have a lot in common, sense of humor, sports teams, goals in life etc. You could quite possibly still be a child (living with parents, financially dependent, no carreer) while he's an adult (mortgage, career, etc) - if this is the case, you're at risk of being manipulated without really understanding what's happening to you.

7 years isn't a lot, but at your age I think you can multiply that by like 3 to get a comparable age difference for other phases of life.If this relationship is what you really want then focus all your attention on it. You both need to sit down and truly discuss what you both honestly want and determine if that can be achieved together. I'm a little hesitant about the age difference because i haven't dated as old as him, although he does not look 28. If you like him then I wouldn't let 7 years bother you (it's not that long).It will take some getting used to on your part, but that is normal. If you two get along, then why let 7 years bother the relationship? I feel like i can learn a lot from him as well as him from me. He doubted me at first because of my age but got to know me & see's i'm not your average 21 year old. If you have lived on your own/handled your own bills, etc, then the age gap won't be a huge deal, but if you have not gone through all of that yet, you might find yourself changing your needs and the relationship might change.There will probably be times when he acts his age, as you do yours, but if you can both accept the age difference, you should be fine, and will probably get used to it. Most young women dating older men say they are "not your average ___insert age her"-year-old. When i was going with a guy who was older than me at that age, I was not average as far as I didn't party, I was farther along in school since I skipped a grade and actually felt like I was more mature and I was the same as a 30 year old.There seems to be issues that have not been resolved.