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Well, thank you very much and I would like to thank you for a great web site. I got the e-address of the author (as luck had it, he lived only 20 minutes from me), met him and saw with my own eyes his Western Union receipts.

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The organization broke things off with me when they realized I wasn't going to send them any money. This was an opportunity to gather up more information and tie up their time and resources, so I wrote to them agian and switched my screen name. 30th and now she works in a music store as opposed to a flower shop.About mid-March Alena's picture popped up again on [email protected] and this time she was 21yrs. Sure enough, they took the bait and started writing back to me with even more photos. As of this writing 4-4-01 they have not responded to me for a week now and I feel they have become disinterested. The web site address of the agency they gave me is it out! ) The telephone number of the agency they gave me is 7-3432-45-22-00.I wrote the agency and they said that they had contacted her and she had lost her passport and she needed another 0.00 so she could call me and get a hotel until the next flight left. This female of whomever is posing to be the female in the pictures is very clever so please beware. Unlike the other letters, I did not get scammed by these people despite numerous contacts...because I ran across the first article on this girl/agency just before I was planning to finance her trip.Like I said before I had called her at the agency, she called me and everything seemed to be going fine. I thank those responsible for sponsoring this Blacklist Website.Then they email me saying they need boarding fee 1000.00 that was sent and did not hear anything else on her flight info. I also met this Russian woman, Alena Fedorovskaya, on AOL love. We wrote each other for a little over three months. She asked if I would meet her in her country or she could fly to me.

The agency today Jan.26, 2001 contacted me and try to tell that he could not find Alena, that she ran off with money, that he could sit me up with another girl but I have to pay a fee. I sent her 1,240.00 for her plane ticket and visa through the Scarlet agency. Just last Monday she wrote me and told me she was on her way to Moscow to pick up her tickets and visa and she would write me as soon as she arrived.They gave me two references with e-mail addresses and phone numbers.I e-mailed both addresses and got responses from them.Sure enough the next day I received an e-mail from a cafe by the name of Imperial.She wrote me and told me that immigrations would not let her on the plane because she could not show proof of money to live on.The only give away that I had was in the picture you have of her already on your website is taken in Australia. It ended up saving me from financial loss, personal humiliation, and depression. I first wrote to Alena/organization in mid February 2001.