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The knowledgeable team works closely with Match and over 3,000 industry leaders who want to use time-tested SEO tools and ratings technology to bolster their online brand.Dating brands can partner with Reseller Ratings to gain user feedback, make analytic insights, and facilitate a high volume of ratings from members.As a whole, the reviews on Reseller Ratings raise the profile of companies big and small, and they can be leveraged to boost sales and conversion rates.

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When you know what your users think, you can make informed decisions that will positively impact sales and user retention.According to Reseller Ratings, “Our story is your story.The user-submitted ratings and reviews express what customers think about certain products or services.Today, online shoppers write more than 4,000 reviews on Reseller Ratings every day.Over 3,378 clients use Reseller Ratings to collect, engage, and syndicate their reviews across the world.” In 2016, my Hermes relied on Reseller Ratings technology to collect customer reviews.

Within one month, the company saw their review volume increase from 5,000 to 50,000.An account can become inactive because the user has found that special someone and gotten distracted by coupled bliss — or they could’ve grown so cynical and frustrated that they’ve given up trying to date.To gauge how effective your dating platform is or how satisfied your membership is, you need a solid review system.Reseller Ratings can give brands valuable insight into the user experience by collecting and analyzing hundreds of customer ratings online.Since its launch in 1996, the website has compiled close to 6.3 million reviews and listed over 202,000 stores in all types of industries.I was very happy with not only the friends I have made, but of course the one Match.” Of course, not everyone writes glowing reviews on the site, but Reseller Ratings gives its partners a pathway toward improvement through an open discourse with customers.