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I accept that he was a flawed person just trying to do his best, I forgive him for all of the bad times. old, it has been some time since I noticed he was aging and it’s a beautiful yet sad thing to see him becoming fragile and sensitive and lighter, his hair, his arms, his skin everything has a different touch now, a softer onea man who demanded my mom get an abortion because he suspected I was a girl. My mom left him and he went on to have and raise two more daughters with someone else. I did not have a good reference for dads until my husband and I had my my Partner and he is all in.a shadow of what he used to be, mainly because of several health problems. I try to hold on to the image of the strong, smart, hard-working, skillful, active and righteous man he once reason I’ve grown up so quickly. But sometimes, I think he should let me experience what he is trying to protect me from. He is not particularly articulate, but he is affectionate and loving.

One thing I want to say, thank you so much for adopted & welcomed me to your familyand will continue to be one of my greatest teachers.

He taught me respect, hard work, appreciation for what I have and for all and any knowledge, and how to cook. It wasn’t unpredictable, he was a very heavy smoker.

stubborn and has trouble apologising for his mistakes.

However, when he knows he offended me, he shows me that he’s sorry in the cutest way ...

But I know I miss a father figure, maybe that's the reason why I'm gay.

My mother tried her best to raise me and my brother, she's done a wonderful job and I am eternally grateful for that. It's her happiness or most patience, kind-hearted, and loving person I know, yet he’s careless, religion-strict, and not good at communication, yep, I just wrote about the better version of my current self. I really want to talk to him more often but there's one thing I know for sure: It is hard, til no longer with me but his stories and wisdom always will be.

I don't even want an oblivious relationship back, I want the impossible - whoever my dad was before he became this. He loves me and worries for me -- but maybe a bit to much. He taught me to not take myself or anyone too seriously, and that is one of his many great gifts to me. I think I'm better off without him, but there's always a sliver of curiosity about having never physically ever seen the other person who contributed to your birth.

He is proud of me, but scared to show it, because of what society might say. But I don't lose sleep over it anymore.alone with me for few days, mum is traveling into the Alpes french mountains. I guess we’ll not push the washing machin "START" button till mum will be back home.

I hope he knows that I love him because I am somehow not able to say it out longer with us, he passed on a month ago from lung cancer. His spirit is somewhere in the universe blessing anything and everything it encounters. He was my rock, my inspiration, my motivator and an ever abundant source of unconditional love.

It happened pretty fast, we found out in August that he had stage 4 lung cancer, there was not much we could do. When I was young he was an alcoholic, abusive (verbally & sometimes physically) and emotionally distant. His spirit is somewhere in this vast universe, blessing everything and anything it encounters. He always puts others before himself without considering the effects it will have on his own self esteem and personality, and occasionally it worries me for his own sanity.

He taught me to not doubt myself, to be kind to strangers in need, and how interesting it is to see how things work. He passed away when I was 11, so nothing much I can remember about him. Now my Mom also passed away, she struggled cancer for 3,5y.