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This is accompanied by a handout to take home and read.

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Non-mobile Babies From 6 weeks of age, non-mobile babies can join a Gymba ROO class.

Each class begins in our mat room, with everyone on the floor together.

Massage is an important part of this class, where you will be taught relaxation massage, stimulating massage, and massage games.

We have fun ideas for encouraging tummy time, and an opportunity to discuss together the neurological theme for that week.

In addition her face screams “I’m a bitter bitch because of way I was treated in high school! I wouldn’t go anywhere near that woman frankly…Contrast that to this young lady: This lady has perfectly dressed for her size.

Her clothes yell ‘I know I’m fat I’m not trying to hide it and I’m still beautiful! Her clothing draws the eye to her positive parts which are her chest and her face.

Men are incredibly visual, much more so than women.

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Everyone sings the ´hello´ song which signals the beginning of class. These include strengthening exercises, especially around baby’s joints, and exercises that promote balance and coordination and crawling.

There is visual stimulation with large black and white pictures which are specifically designed for babies.

I can walk fairly well, and though my mobility is somewhat compromised, I can still get around and live my life not all that much differently to I was pre-fracture.