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THE FRONT COVER picture this month is the w ork of Corporal Llarrv VC. 101 Park Ave., New York N Y 1' s A 1 Tel., ML' rray Hill 5-J951 ; teletype No. Number Four went on the shoulders of the Old Man, and it shone all down the line — like wings on a new cadet.I.emmon of the photo- graphic laboratory, Blackland Army Flying School. i Arn Force cbattiw ot i a medium for the and injnrtti Miov jmovv A' Air Forces l, Sept. IOC, and with the approval of the Bureau of the Budget. Of course, to the thousands who have come into the Air Forces in these last busy months, he's always been The General.The important subject of aircraft recognition is discussed in the department's other leading article (Page A6), which explains the standard- ized system of teaching recognition (including recognition of surface craft and ground vehicles) recently approved for the Army Air Forces. P-38S are by now old favorites in the Southw est Pacific area.

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All material for this department is pre- pared bv the directorate. It is a feature of the Training Aids Directorate (called TAD) of the Army Air Forces School of Applied Tactics at Orlando, Florida.In the first place, the more stringent Form 64 physical examination will replace the modified version of the Form 63 test for- merly used.This means that the enlisted applicant will have to pass the tougher ex- amination before being transferred from his present unit.[he term training aids" includes literature, training films, him strips, training posters, visual instruction material, recognition material and syn- thetic devices.

You can get the whole storv bv reading the article "Streamlining AAF Training" in this month's department.And we don't ex- pect the weight of a fourth star to hold him down.We have a hunch those four stars will continue to show up on the flight line — whether it be in Texas, Tunisia or Tulagi.Hxcerpts from his letter are printed along w ith the pilots' reports. Saville, Director of Air Defense, tells about the inside workings of that unit. Gen- eral Saville presumes a mythical air attack on the Pacific Coast and describes the play h\ pla\ behind- the-scenes action that takes place from the time enemy aircraft are first detected to the time our own fighter planes are guided by ground personnel to intercept the invaders. Frazcr of the Air Fokci- staff describes a night mission hunting subs in a 13- IN over the Caribbean. The pilot's fight for survival on that small island is described on Page 10 in an article prepared h\ the Arctic, Desert and Tropic Information Center of Kglin Field, Florida.Al R DEFENSE of the United States brings into plav the all-important but little-understood Air- craft Warning Service ot the Army Air Forces. ANTISUBMARINE WARFARE is generally recog- nized as a top priority problem of the allied na- tions. In addition, experts at- tached to the Information Outer have anab/cd the experience from the standpoint of solving (Ik problems which confronted the pilot.The Commanding General then will is- sue the necessary orders to effect the trans- fer ; the applicant's papers will be forwarded to his organization commander.