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Register your new account on Steam or go to an existing one. obtained after the purchase link, copy and paste into your web browser, log in under your account Steam and take the gift to the library or add to your inventory. After activating the game will appear in the list of games and you can download it from steam. The installation process (download) takes about 15-50 minutes (depending on your internet channel).

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Topic'it allows you to access and follow all your favorite forums in a single app for free.Create a free forum on Forumotion A free forum is an online discussion board to interact and chat with users and members. Forumotion brings communities together with a 10 years experience in forum hosting.If you use atleast the Volume Buttons on your Keyboard you are using a Macro Key and most Keyboards have a Volume /- and Mute along with Play and Pause Buttons an my keyboard also has a Calculator Button and a Windows Button which are also Macro Keys. On the mouse I currently I have 2 macro keys which are assigned to lower/raise DPI, wish I had one with more macro keys for MMORPGs due to the need to place out more hotkeys... Some even have an email and Program Hots Keys as well. but oh well : DIs print screen a I use that a lot...;) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA... NVKZ_Mad_Max, Xerox, Romka2355, abe78, R0m4n, Anti Zlo, astronom, Kalmius (80), Evgenyi L (56), igbor (55), sav12 (51), (46), rachok (46), Neo Nato Log (44), (41), ramzes2-2 (41), Desc (41), SFalcon (39), vau (39), Crazy Ice (38), Yur1980 (38), Qwerty77kid (38), G-com (38), F.

================================== INSTANTLY AFTER PAYMENT YOU GET unique link to activate the game WITHOUT STEAM The regional restrictions! ) Game forever associated with your Steam Account, and you can download it at any place and at any time. Once again plunge into the thick of battle, playing for the mighty battle mage or witch cunning.

Open access to the new and old defenses, improve them and go into action - let the hordes of orcs are ground into a juicy green stuffing! Passing a new story campaign can be either alone or together in cooperative play mode! - Playing alone or with a friend, check yourself for strength, reflecting one after another endless attacks formidable opponents. - Members Steam, bought the original Orcs Must Die !

, automatically have access to 10 levels of the first part to play together, where they will fight new enemies! - Give rebuff new creepy creatures, including earth elementals, trolls and bats.

Marshall, the better first question would have been if people really understood what a Macro is even though most of the People on this forum are Geniuses and already know everything, you might be surprised at your answers.

Then that means they don't care about/aren't interested in them :)Good come back Marshall!

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