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When I tried to rank each archetype, I organized them first with two letters then think of the most fitting type for that archetype.So here's my list: The Rebel - TP/ENTP (Before someone would argue with me on this one, TJ's like structure.I'm not going to respond to each of those because I basically agree with most of them, but real quick... The Innocent - ISFPThe Orphan/Regular Guy or Gal - ESFJThe Hero - ESTPThe Caregiver - ISFJThe Explorer - ENTPThe Rebel - ENFPThe Lover - INFJThe Creator - INFPThe Jester - ESFPThe Sage - INTPThe Magician - ENFJThe Ruler - ESTJ, ENTJThis was way harder than I expected lol.A lot of these just don't fit neatly - people would need to be a combination of various types, there would need to be more archetypes, and so on. If what's best offered on the table, they'll take it.)Please elaborate more of how you had come to this conclusion.

I do know that thinkers in general values effectiveness, but extraverted thinkers will more likely accept what's on the table unless it really sounds retarded. If there's people I know who hates rules more than anyone, it's perceivers.I believe NTJ's are ones who would want independence. As for radical freedom, yeah, I was using it in place of independence (or better, autonomy) because they're effectively the same thing in context.Independence and freedom can sound similar, but the usage of these words can be misleading.) are more NTJ than anything? All I said was that those specific things are more NTJ than NTP. There was no 'conclusion' outside of exactly that. It's a Type 8 characteristic more than anything, and you'd probably be hard-pressed to find more than a handful of NTPs that are 8s.I just enabled my results and it says I am a ISTJ who would be best matched with a ESFP or a ESTP.This is suggesting that my "introverted sensing" nature would be well matched by someone else's "extraverted sensing" nature.Ironically I have always been attracted to (intelligent) extraverted women, so perhaps there is something to it. What it does not explain is where the "cut off" points are in the percentages.