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There is a lot of emphasis in Jamaican culture on cleanliness.

We also believe that as a woman, you have extra responsibility to make sure your “crevices” are clean and fresh.

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This is the straight truth about how to talk to women.From someone who has studied the best, and practiced on the most beautiful women in the world.” The upside to this is “the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice! Personally I adore the smell of a sweaty black Jamaican man, but I know not everybody does.It is important if you are dating a Jamaican man, to be honest and tell him “honey you need a shower!If you plan to be in a long-term relationship with a Jamaican man, it is wise to learn how to cook Jamaican food. Because to Jamaicans food is how we “get strong”, and rightfully so.

But we know, being raised by a Jamaican mother, That only certain “yard food” can make us feel strong, and nourish our body, for optimal health.Blog Posts from Jamaican Love Jamaican men hate a woman who cheats! You don’t want to mimic the behavior of the ones that have non at all. Read my blog post “Dating a Rastafari Guy.”JAH RASTAFARI WAY OF LIFE BOOKS You might also enjoy reading…For the traditional self-respecting Jamaican woman, sleeping around, or “free for all fornication” is a no-no. Jamaican men…his culture and family is number one to him.It is important to show respect for all things related to his culture and Jamaica, especially his family.Keep the house clean as a Jamaican woman would do…Always keep the house clean. If he is with you and you are not Jamaican, but can still keep house like a Jamaican woman, you score points big time. We Jamaicans put a huge emphasis on personal hygiene. We believe (as Jamaicans) that the anatomy of a woman, means she must take special care to be and stay clean, especially between the crevices.