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They also have an app on the Google Play Store and the i Tunes App Store to purchase cards from your mobile devices.All purchases have 1-year purchase protection and free shipping for the delivery of physical gift cards.

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In our quest to help everyone save a little more money, we thought we would share something that many don’t even consider.

That is the process of using discounted gift cards.

This is the least likely method because it is the most expensive and cuts into the profit of the seller as they pay the shipping costs.

You are most likely to see this option with grocery store & gas station gift cards.

People use gift card marketplaces to sell their unwanted gift cards.

Some for sale might have even dollar amounts like .00 or .00.

When you buy these gift cards, the information is electronically sent to your e-mail address & you can keep the balance in your digital wallet if you aren’t ready to spend it yet, and you will have purchase protection ranging from 45 days to one year if the card doesn’t work after you buy it.

While you can buy used or unwanted gift cards from anywhere on the internet, including Craigslist and e Bay, these four gift card marketplaces listed below help you buy gift cards at a discount.

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