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Realizing that I am cuckold I thought to share with you all.

This story which I am going to narrate is my real story which happened few months back.

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Gaurav said he will have few more drinks and Akanksha said she is not feeling sleepy and she wants to give company to Gaurav for few more drinks.

So I said ok I am going to sleep, finish it uo soon and don’t drink so much that you guys vomit, everyone laughed and I went to sleep.

Akanksha was wearing thigh length skirt and deep neck top while he arrived. Friday came and its the party time since its long weekend. After few more drinks I wanted to go and take rest.

I can still recall Gaurav when he saw Akanksha in this short dress. I said lets finish this party and we should sleep now.

Gaurav pushed his penis in my wife’s pussy and started fucking her. I never thought that someone else would be fucking my wife in front of my eyes.

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