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" (It also had ones like "What are your feelings about abortion? " that made us wonder how many relationships this app has ended.) We played this once over lunch and once on the train, and it made me feel like I'd gotten to know my partner better.

Moreover, it also proves to a great ice-breaking session.The newlywed questions game is entertaining and easily gains the attention of everyone attending the marriage.All in all, I learned that a simpler app is better—though that probably applies offline too. A favorite game at dinner parties, Table Topics is also available in a couples edition where you'll learn more about your guy and yourself, while learning about the things that bond you as a twosome." Me: "It's hard sometimes." Him: "She never thinks she's wrong").

Those ones were interesting ("What kind of chocolate do they like? " etc.), but lots of them didn't provide information that felt super relevant to our relationship. to re-create our first kiss, which led to a heartwarming conversation about the way we met. But when he marked it complete, Desire accused him of lying.

Plus, it actually provided a lot of thought-provoking questions—the kind you might be afraid to ask if you didn't have anything prompting you, like "How did you learn what it meant to be a woman/man?

" and "When I first asked you out, did you ever consider saying 'no'?

As it turns out, there are plenty of options for us too. Here were our impressions: Couple This one's almost like a social media platform but dedicated to the two of you instead of your entire social network.

You can upload photos, create shared lists, and add dates relevant to your relationship to a calendar.

Match Mate features over 1,000 thought-provoking questions over four categories: Memory, personality, sensuality and odds and ends.