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Lincoln Parish Sheriff History Lists Lincoln Parish, Louisiana past sheriffs 1873 to present with some photos.Livingston Parish Sheriffs Office Historical Data Includes some history and list of past sheriffs 1835 to present.

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Ascension Parish Sheriff History Features a brief history of the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office with details about early sheriffs. East Baton Rouge Parish Past Sheriffs 1811 to present Jefferson Parish Sheriff History Lists Jefferson Parish past sheriffs 1866 to present day with some photos.

Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff History Lists Jefferson Davis Parish, LA past sheriffs 1913 to present with some photos.

Also see the Memorial Page for list of officers lost in the line of duty. James Parish Past Sheriffs Lists past sheriffs 1880 - 1992. John the Baptist Parish Past Sheriffs 1814 to present List of past sheriffs with some photos and information. Mary Parish Past Sheriffs 1818 to present List of past sheriffs with some photos and information. Tammany Parish Sheriff's History List of past sheriffs from 1812 to present time.

Plaquemines Parish Sheriff History Provides a list of past sheriffs who served Plaquemines Parish Sheriff's Office from 1844 to present day. Charles Parish Sheriffs Office History This brief history includes a list of all past sheriffs who have served St. Includes brief biographies along with a timeline of St. Washington Parish Sheriffs History Features a list detailing the past sheriffs who served Washington Parish, LA.

Bell County Past Sheriffs List of Bell County, Kentucky Sheriffs 1918 to present.

Grant County Sheriff's History Features some historic photos and a list of past sheriffs who served Grant County, KY between 1820 and present time.Over 1000 years ago in England, the shire, was formed when groups of hundreds banded together. Just as each hundred was led by a reeve (chief), each shire had a reeve as well.To distinguish the leader of a shire from the leader of a mere hundred, the more powerful official became known as the shire-reeve.Kingman County Sheriff's Provides a list of Kingman County, KS sheriffs past to present..Labette County Past Sheriffs Features a complete list of all the former sheriffs of Labette County, KS from 1867 to present day.Using the following directory, you will locate lists of former sheriffs along with photographs, biographies, county jail histories, county sheriff office history and other documents dating back as far as the 1600's. Allen County Sheriffs History Features a brief history along with a list of past sheriffs who served Allen County from 1855 to present day.