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These fantastic nights are great fun and because they are bigger, that means better matches. Simply Speed Dating is known to offers fun, friendly and affordable speed dating events at some of Sydney's most stylish bars and clubs.

At our event, you can expect up to 14 mini-dates in one night! We have experience in dating that has helped us refine our methods.

Events are held regularly in Bars and Lounges across: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide and Perth.

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Speed dating events in Australia, speed date, speeddate, speedate, Speeddating, sometimes spelt Speedating, speed datng, speed datig, speeed dating, speed datint, speed ating, events4singles, events for singles, events, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Central Coast, Newcastle, Canberra.speed dating with style, make fast impressions with speed dating, online singles events, speed dating singles events, dating events in Australia, special interest events, speed dating at movie premiere events for singles, find innovative speed dating events, Meet 10 people in 1 hour over drinks.Exclusive Guarantee: If you don't meet anyone you would like to see again, your next event is FREE Welcome to 8 Ball Dating at Master Snooker and Billiards Club, the most entertaining way to meet new people in a relaxing and fun environment. There are 2 sessions to choose from (each with a particular age range) but only a maximum of 24 places per session (12 M and12 Valentino’s Café Restaurant, 110 Canterbury Road, Heathmont Shopping Centre. Cost is pp which includes free first drink, Gourmet finger food & nibbles. Offering regular speed dating for all ages and plays host to many more specific networking events! the ultimate dating experience The most fun you will ever have dating. Speed dating is held at 7pm every Monday night in Concord and entry is free but for a nominal donation ( - ) into the piggy. Different ages are catered for on successive Monday nights. So, you’ve tried everything, online dating, blind dates, etc but it seems to get you nowhere. It is fun, exciting and the hottest new single scene for all ages!If you are serious about meeting someone, this is the event for you. Our focus is on creating networks between people on the Sunshine Coast by initiating events that draw those of similar interests together. Our team takes the stress out of dating and turns it into a fun, exciting and a unique experience!Invite Only Dating Speed Dating Australia wide Australias Online Speed Dating Service, Meet up to 10 singles, per one hour Online Speed Dating Session. Contact us today Spark Dating create a range of fun speed dating events at various locations around Melbourne.

Spark Dating experiences are centered around the ethos that the journey should be about having a great time, and that reaching the destination is something that naturally flows from a shared experience.

i purchased a ticket for speed dating on 28 june 2018 for the next day event which was friday 29 june 2018 which was to start at 7,30 pm it was bout 4 pm and i could not attend as i had to stay back and work over time so i did a google search for speed dating australia so i can contact there customer service and tell them that i cant attend and if i can attend there next event instead but they had no contact number so i emailed them instead and told them that i live over 2 hours away and i will not be able to attend and if i can reschedule for the next event and i showed them poof of my purchase ticket and then i also telephoned at 7pm where the event was at and asked to speak to the person who was in charge of speed dating but i was told there not there yet and if i wanted to leave a message so i left my details for someone to call me back and also said i was going to call back at 7.30pm so i called back cause nobody still returned my call and told them i called before but nobody still has returned my call and asked to speak to with speed dating again but this time was told they have already started and can't come to the phone but they will call me back later nobody returned my call then the following day i get a automated email telling me unfortunately we need more notice for a refund or credit and if you choose not to attend they put you on a list as stand by if someone else pulls out and they give the ticket you paid for to someone else and they then told me to send them a email 4-5 days before the event and i replied thats not fair to give my ticket that i paid for to someone else and told them how can i email them 4-5 days back if i just purchased the ticket last night and i told them i`m not asking for a refund or credit i just wanted to attend there next event which was in 3 days later and explained to them i tried to contact them on the same day and sent a email and was told someone will contact me but did not get no contact and i told them if there been very unfair and unreasonable and ill be speaking to consumer affairs cause there not willing to help me out and giving me no choice i told them i don't want to do that but there not giving me any choice then i got a email telling me sorry that was a template reply and that they did not know i was not going to attend and that they don't even monitor there emails and then i was told they wont be running Friday night Events anymore because unreliable people don't turn up and that unfortunately they need more than a couple of hours if you choose not to attend and was told there going to put me a reserve list next time there short on guys then i saw that they had a following event 3 days later and asked if i can attend that instead and they said that they will contact me if there short on guys and that they don't have to give me credit or a refund if you don't turn up then said they don't give you credit or refund if don't turn up to a Afl Game or a music concert and i told them that is not true and if you contact customer service you do get a refund or credit and since there not willing to comprise with me i`ll never pay for 1 of their events ever again and i`ll be calling consumer affairs and writing a bad review on their facebook page cause they are been very unfair and unreasonable as i paid for their service and not willing to comprise with me cause i could not attend and i said i have explained why i could not attend and i contacted you and left my details and nobody returned my call and it was very unprofessional and i`ll be speaking to consumer affairs and writing a bad review on facebook and then they told me please think of it from our point of view you were booked in and did not attend and that last ticket could of gone to someone else and that they had 6 people not turn up and if i think its fair and profitable for a business to lose 0 in bookings just because people don't turn up then i told them that's not my problem if 6 people did not turn up i at least tried to contact you through email and phone and just because i missed this appointment if you allow me to attend the next appointment and if i`m happy then i might attend another one and pay you more money and i told them i`m tired of sending back and fourth emails and arguing and if i can attend the next event or if i have to seek consumer affairs and write a bad review on your facebook page and for them to think about it and let me know they did not respond then i sent them another email saying have you made a decision yet then they respond by telling me as stated on their website no refund and no credit and their not going to be out of pocket because i chose to work over finding love and as far as my review they suggest i think long and hard about it cause defamation and slander is a serious offense and the owner will not hesitate to take legal action so my conclusion to this is they are just a bunch of scammers very unprofessional very unreasonable not only stole my money but threatened to sue me for trying to voice my opinion and warn others of how they operate and what to expect if your not able to attend for any personal or professional reason if i could give them a -1 i would DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY cause you will regret it and i`ll be seeking love else where This was my first time at a speed dating event and I really enjoyed my night.

It was well organised and there was a good range of people.

With any event like this you have to keep an open mind, I focussed on enjoying myself and giving every date a chance.

It showed pretty positivity in my matches so I’d say it was a very successful night. My friend and I booked onto a Sydney Speed Dating event and it was cancelled (I now know after reading these other reviews that it's likely part of their scam).

The speed dating hosts also promote singles parties with different themes including dinners, dances, and other creative ideas involving prizes, giveaways, prize draws and competitions.