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You don't really care about the company specifically. Can you see how these 2 companies might treat the driver differently.Now, if you applied to one of these types of companies and at the interview you show that you are aware of how they came into existence and that is why you feel they are the right match, can you see how they are more impressed with you than other candidates who are simply looking for a job? Now you might have another company who seems to focus not on values or the culture but the efficiency for the customer.Especially those working where there is a lot of trucking going on but other people you meet also.This includes everyone from trucking companies to other drivers and owner operators and even shipper or receivers in warehouses or managers who work at large manufacturers. Most drivers will not have one to get a trucking job. Make multiple copies and also have a digital copy on your computer.This works for some applicants and not for some others because everything matters to make the best matches for you and the company.

Your location, driving record, criminal record, endorsements, job history, military experience, volunteer work, (who knows what else a company prefer or for what reason, maybe in some area you will be exactly what a company is looking for but maybe not. It is not the necessarily the best way to get a trucking job.

Third - Go to the nearest truck stop to you and get some trucking magazines with the companies listed so you have a lot of trucking companies in one place on paper(If you find yourself waiting somewhere conducting business you can conveniently look through the magazine.

This would be more difficult to do with a laptop online).

If you have a bad record your attitude and personality MUST carry a lot of weight to keep them interested in you because remember, they don't know you and only know what they see on paper and what you are able to communicate to them on paper and then in person.

Continue reading about how to get truck driving job experience as a newbie. LOL) First calm down and relax and stay positive, it's not a personal attack on you.

The internet of course makes it easy to pick out a driver from all those applications that may suit their needs or desire so it's worth the time to use these databases as long as it's free. You DO NOT want to sit back and wait for one of the trucking companies from that one application to call you.